Fly Fishing Vest

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Nice professional fishing vest with a lot of storage, quick dry technology, and adjustable straps for the right fit.  When you're fishing the river, you don't want to have to lug all your gear around by hand.  You need your hands free to properly fish.  Having a vest makes your trip a lot more efficient meaning you have more time to land that catch.  This vest has it all!  Keep all your gear close at hand in easy to access storage.  Breathable and waterproof, this vest won't compromise your comfort on the river.  

Brand Name: Kylebooker
Material: Polyester
  • Quick dry breathable polyester dries quick and reduces wear.
  • Adjustable for the right fit every time.
  • Tackle storage to keep your gear close and at hand with lots of pockets.
Color: Green or Gray
Size: Adjustable
Note: Rod & reel are not included

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