Portable Fishing Line Winder - Aluminum - Reel Spooler System

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Everybody knows the feeling of getting out to your favorite fishing spot, only to find that your reel line is out of sorts.  When the situation arises, we often find ourselves wasting precious time trying to fix the dilemma with less than satisfactory results.  This portable line winder is the solution to that problem.  Keep it handy and spend more time fishing and less time fixing.  Light weight aluminum and a suction cup base make it easy to set up on the hood of your car in a pinch.  Or, if you're proactive and like to make sure everything is in sorts before you set out to your destination, this is a great item for setting up on any flat surface at home and easy to store away when you're done.



  • Brand Name: MUQGEW
  • Type: Winding Board
  • Material:  Aluminum
  • Base Type:  Locking Suction