Fish Hooks Carbon Steel Offset Bait & Worm 10 Pack # 1/0, 1, 3, 4

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Pack of 10 new offset bait hooks with the option of 4 different sizes (1/0, #1, #3, or #4).  The offset hook feature reduces bait slippage and makes it ideal for rigging worms (live and artificial). 
  • 1/0:  This hook size is good for larger freshwater fish such as large catfish, bass, gar, and pike as well as smaller saltwater game.
  • #1:  This hook is only slightly smaller than the #1 hook and is good for all the fish listed above.  It is also thinner than the 1/0.
  • #3:  A good bit smaller than the #1, this hook is still good for medium catfish, bass, and gar as well as large lake trout, kokanee, etc.
  • #4:  A step down from the #3, this hook is good for bass, gar, smaller catfish, medium to large trout and kokanee.