Crampons Ice Cleats for Winter Traction Slip On Spikes

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Crampons are a necessity for Winter & Spring hiking and commuting through ice or snow.  These 10 studded slip on ice cleats are perfect for the occasion.  In the mountains, things often get slippery even when the ground was dry at the trail head.  As you gain elevation you are very likely to hit ice or snow even in early Summer.  Don't let the ice slow you down, just be prepared.  Always have a pair of crampons handy when heading up.  These crampons are perfect for the occasion.  The easy slip on design means you can go from no traction to full traction in a matter of seconds.  When you get past the ice, they're just as easy to take off and store away.  I highly recommend carrying these at times you're unsure of the trail conditions or heading out onto icy pavement. 

Material: Silicone
Available Sizes:
Size S:  US 3-5
Size M: US 5-8
Size L:  US 8-11
Size XL:  US 11-14