Dog Goggles for Protection from Wind, Snow, and Water for Hiking & Swimming

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Does your pup swim or play in the snow a lot?  Maybe they get their thrills by hanging their heads out the car window.  Do them a favor and get a pair of dog goggles!  Great for those snowy mountain adventures or a leisurely swim at the lake or beach.  They'll appreciate protection from the elements just as you do.


Sponge Padding:  Keeps your pup comfortable and safe.
Adjustable Straps:  For a wide range of fitting options.
Flexible Frames:  Ensures comfort and a better conformed fit.



Adjustable Sizing:

Head:  11.02"- 18.9"
Lower Jaw: 6.69"- 9.84"
Frame: 8.46" x 2.36"
Lens: 2.95"