Floatant Powder & Sinket Fly Fishing Floating & Sinking Additives

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Keep your flies conditioned and ready to use with this well paired Royal Sissi floatant and sinker combo.  Keep your dry flies afloat for a longer period of time, and give your wet flies the natural movement they're meant to have.  With this combo you can ensure your flies are prepped and ready to go increasing your odds of landing more fish.  These convenient bottles are easy to carry and store ensuring you always have them handy.


Top Floatant Powder: 

  • Odorless, simply dip the brush and work the powder into your flies.
  • Keeps your flies afloat for a longer period of time


VG sinket: 

  • Silicone-based
  • Apply coating to nymphs, wet flies and streamers. 
  • Flies will sink faster and tumble in the current more naturally



  • (1) 20ML bottle with brush(Top Floatant), 
  • (1) 15ML drop bottle (VG sinket)