Winter Gloves Waterproof Windproof Warm Polar Fleece

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These thick thermal Winter gloves are just want you need to get through the months of cold weather ahead.  If you live in a cold climate and spend at least a little time outdoors during the cold seasons, you know that a good pair of thick, warm, waterproof, and breathable gloves are essential in maintaining comfort and safety.  Whether you're going out hiking, camping, or just fetching some firewood from the backyard, you'll be glad you have these handy!

Material: Strong Polyester Ripstop
Features:  Waterproof, Breathable Quick Dry
Comfort Level:  Down to -20F
   Medium: (Palm width of about 3.15 - 3.75 inch (8 - 9.5cm)
   Large:  (Palm width of about 3.9+ inch (10+cm)